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Mobile. Tablet. Desktop.

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Increase In-App Purchases!

Publish & Monetize

Mobile. Tablet. Desktop.

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Cross-Platform Monetization

iOS, Google Play, Amazon & HTML5

MAZ Digital allows publishers to develop an app for iOS, HTML, and Android.

Reimagined storefront experience

Funnel traffic to the point of sale

Intent on converting free downloads into paying customers, we give users another option: to browse for free with Timed Access.

Mimicking a physical in-store situation, Timed Access builds loyalty and keeps users in your app, ultimately leading to the point of sale.
MAZ Digital creates a social network for your app on the App Store

Built for advertisers & sponsorships

Unique digital programs for marketers

MAZ Digital Publishing makes magazine apps interactive and engaging with video content on iOS and Android.
Ad formats for video, web, social media, storefront banners, sponsorships, interstitials, fullscreen, push notifications–if you can sell it, we've got it.

All without any additional coding.

Leverage word of mouth marketing

State-of-the-art social media tools

Stream is a completely new way to interact with & share content.

Users can "cut out" anything on the screen just like in print.

Your users will drive new traffic and engagement via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, & more.

Powerful data & analytics reporting

Track & analyze engagement patterns

MAZ Digital publishing provides user analytics and app data for publishers.
Everything that happens in your app is automatically reported into a simple to use dashboard.

Gain valuable insight into how people use your products.

100% Managed Solution

Automated app submission & hosting

MAZ handles app submission, updates, subscriptions, in-app purchases, end user payments & support.

We also host & serve all your content so you don't have to worry about anything.
MAZ Digital publishing is simple, from PDF to app, it's easy to publish to App Store.

Future-proof your business

Always one step ahead

MAZ Digital publishing is simple, from PDF to app, it's easy to publish to App Store.
Technology is changing every day, and you have enough to worry about as it is.

We'll make sure you're up-to-date with the latest trends & devices.